A beauty salon that devises a program for each customer is operating in Karasuma

Trip Advisor Excellence Salon Continuous Certification

We received 2019 Excellence certification from TripAdvisor, which reflects the honest opinions of our users on the world's largest travel community site. This is a certification given to facilities that have consistently posted high ratings on TripAdvisor, and we thank all the staff for their support and support for the high level of esthetic technology and hospitality. ..
We will continue to pursue beauty in order to meet the expectations of our customers, while realizing personalized care that closely addresses our concerns and continue to create a salon that is loved in the Karasuma area.

Introducing new treatment menus and original cosmetics

We deliver useful information to our customers faster than anywhere else


Karasuma runs a high-tech beauty treatment salon that polishes the beauty of the whole body.

Esthetics with a rich treatment menu are popular in Karasuma

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    Facials deal with all skin problems

    We offer the finest treatments in a space where the scent of aroma oil spreads. In order to keep the skin feeling age-free, we combine the latest technology and all-hand treatments to deal with various skin problems.
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    The body stimulates the whole body with all hands

    A body course that stimulates the whole body path with all hands will help you maintain a beautiful body line and beautiful skin. An experienced therapist will propose a treatment plan that meets the needs of our customers and lead them to improve their concerns.
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    Bridal is a completely made-to-order course

    For weddings that have a special meaning in life for women, Bridal Esthe aims to be the happiest and most beautiful bride, and we propose a completely custom-made course tailored to the customer. The therapist will assess the condition of your skin and formulate a treatment plan that suits your budget and period.
customer's voice

We run an esthetic salon in Karasuma that has a special price for the first time only

We take various approaches to your concerns


We are looking for staff who can pursue beauty together

We will help you to be close to you and be beautiful

Recruitment type

Practitioner reception / reception / front

Details of job categories

Beautician / Receptionist / Assistant

Job Description

General work in the salon centered on treatment
Head Spa / Shaving / Facial Esthetic / Slimming Esthetic / Hair Removal Esthetic / All Hand Treatment / Medical Esthetic / Men's Esthetic / Eyelash Perm / Lomi Lomi / Aroma Massage / Oil Massage / Body Care / Detox / Trigger Point

company name

Vivid Miyamoto Co., Ltd.

Store name

KAYCO VIVID Kyoto store


Customer repeat rate 90%! Total beauty salon with many introductions! At home is popular.
Aroma therapist beauty treatment salon

Facility form

[KAYCO VIVID Kyoto store]
Beauty Salon /
7 bets


Chika is a convenient station just a short walk from Kyoto Shiyakusho-mae Subway Station


company name


Street address

901 Libertas Oike 537 537 Funairicho, Higashiiri Ichinokawa, Oike Dori, Kawaramachi

phone number
business hours

10:00 ~ 20:00

Regular holiday





The facial treatment is a bespoke treatment to obtain firm, lustrous, and elastic beautiful skin, and aims to improve metabolism and revitalize the inside of the skin. For 40 years since it was founded in Karasuma, Kyoto, we continue to be loved by customers as being like a temple where the skin runs, we will help you to keep and keep beautiful skin.

  • Kyoto store

    Kawaramachi, Oike-dori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
    Higashiiri Ichinofunairicho 537 Libertas Oike 9F
    Business hours 10: 00-20: 00
    Regular holiday Tuesday

  • Ebisu store

    1-22-8 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
    Ebisu First Place 801
    Business hours 10: 00-20: 00
    Regular holiday Tuesday

  • School

    Those who will come out in the future,
    For those who want to improve their skills.
    Lecture on the method of VIVID,
    We have a small-group attendance system.

About us

We are operating a high-tech beauty treatment salon in Karasuma that will improve your worries

I am studying every day to provide customers with the "best beauty treatment salon" in Karasuma.

In order to always provide the best technology and sincere service to customers who have selected from many salons, all the staff are studying every day without neglecting the pursuit of beauty. We will combine skillful skills and the latest technology to help you to deal with your concerns and improve your symptoms. You can take in a new machine and receive the latest treatment menu that you can not do at home, but we try to maintain a high standard of all-hand treatment that has been supported by many customers since the establishment. I have. A skilled therapist can directly sense the condition of the customer's body by hand, allowing for more detailed treatment.
The facial course is always close to our customers as a rushing temple for the skin that can improve all skin problems. In addition to the care of pores, we take every approach to the total care of the skin, which is burdensome every day, such as improving wrinkles, nasolabial folds, and sagging. It is close to the nearest station and easy to get back to work, so it is popular with people of all ages.

Recommended for those who are looking for a beauty treatment salon that provides careful counseling in Karasuma.

In the counseling performed before the treatment, it goes without saying that we will ask the customer's concerns, but in order to think about the cause of the concerns and lead to improvement rather than temporary care, lifestyle and home meals We would like to ask you about your life in detail. Based on the content of the counseling, the therapist with abundant experience will assemble and propose a special treatment menu after firmly grasping the physical condition of the customer. Careful counseling enables detailed treatment, and you will be able to feel the effect more.
Popular body courses include aroma treatments that aim for physical and mental health through deep relaxation, body treatments that carefully excrete waste products with all hands, and EMS that aims to create a body that burns fat easily. We are waiting for you to prepare a treatment menu that will lead to improvement. We offer a full-fledged course at a special price for first-time customers, so you can experience the treatment of a highly skilled therapist selected by many people in a room where the gentle scent of French aroma oil spreads. can.