A beauty salon loved by customers for over 40 years in Karasuma, Kyoto

For more than 40 years since we opened a store in Karasuma, Kyoto, we have provided high technology and have operated a beauty salon that emphasizes results. Due to the location, celebrities and cultural people may come to the store, and when we get the Excellence certification from TripAdvisor, we have come to visit many customers from all over the country along with sightseeing in Kyoto.
By always being close to customers' worries and providing personalized hospitality with heartfelt hospitality, the repeat rate remains at a very high level of 90%.
Characteristics of Keiko Vivid

We will set up a store in Karasuma, Kyoto and perform bridal beauty treatment with technology

At the bridal course, skilled staff will assist you with various approaches to fulfill the wishes of brides who want to challenge their weddings and receptions in the best condition ever. We will consult with you in advance regarding counseling and propose a customized treatment plan that is tailored to the period until the wedding ceremony. When wearing a dress with wide chest and back, it is possible to check the condition of the skin and hair and perform intensive care to look the most beautiful.
If you come after the wedding schedule is decided, the period until the day will inevitably be decided, so please consult with us about the pace that you can actually go without difficulty and make sure that you can arrive on the day in the best condition. We will help you as much as possible. Even if you do not go through the fixed number of times before the wedding, there is a deadline, but you can use it as an after-bridal treatment, so it is safe.

A beauty salon that realizes a tight body is open in Karasuma, Kyoto

In recent years, the number of entertainers who disclose their weight through media and SNS has increased. Even for entertainers who have the ideal body line for everyone, the actual weight is often close to the standard weight. Partly because of that, we are gradually changing from the trend of having a light weight up to a few years ago to the appeal of a lean body with a moderately muscular bodyline.
Some customers who come to the salon aim to tighten their body, not to lose weight, but with the treatment using EMS, it is possible to move muscles smoothly and the effect of burning fat. As it can be expected to increase, you can aim for a balanced and supple body line. Unlike hard exercise, you can continue for a long time without difficulty, and you can receive rebounds after you quit, so it is highly recommended.

A beauty salon that has a store in Karasuma, loved by customers, is looking for staff

We are looking for a staff member to run a salon that is highly evaluated by our customers, such as the fact that it has been certified by TripAdvisor as one of the world's largest travel review sites. It is a very rewarding job, where you can build a trusting relationship with your customers through careful counseling and warm hospitality, and watch as they become beautiful at the closest location.
If you receive treatment, you will not go straight to the goal, and while many customers have various worries and conflicts until you approach your ideal, it may be easy to feel a single voice of the staff, but it is small Ingenuity that arises from awareness may lead to relief of worries, and each staff member who does not directly perform surgery has an important role. If you are usually interested in beauty, this is an environment where you can have a great time working.