We have created an environment where customers can receive treatments with peace of mind.

We run an esthetic salon in the Karasuma area and have a tie-up with a doctor so that we can immediately respond to any troubles, so customers can feel free to undergo surgery. Especially when handling equipment during treatment, we always carefully understand the customer's condition by counseling before the treatment, but if there is something you are worried about, you can ask the doctor for instructions, so the staff Please speak to us.
We are always trying to provide the best technology in a safe environment.

Bridal beauty treatment salons performed with high technology are popular in the Karasuma area

We will respond with high technology to the customer's request to be the most beautiful person on the day when he feels the happiest in his life. We have a store in Chika Station, which is convenient in the Karasuma area, so you can go there without the stress of traveling even after work or on a rainy day. Depending on the period until the wedding, we offer a full lineup of courses such as a course that takes 3 months to provide careful care, a course that provides intensive care for 2 weeks to 1 month, and a 1-day course that provides special care immediately before. I am.
Regarding the treatment content, an esthetician with high technology and abundant experience will ask you about your concerns during counseling, and from a total of more than 50 types of menus, considering the period until the wedding and your budget, we will respond to your request. We will propose the most effective plan that suits you.

Recommended for those looking for an easy-to-go station Chika's beauty salon in Karasuma

We have a store next to Kyoto Hotel Okura, just outside Exit 2 of Kyoto Shiyakusho-mae Subway Station. Because it's a train station, you can travel without feeling the stress of moving even after work or on rainy days. When you come by car, we do not have a parking lot for stores, but you can use a coin parking lot nearby.
In the facial course, the treatment is performed with makeup removed, but there is a makeup room in the store, so you can remake your makeup after the treatment and you can go home and be relieved to customers who go by train is. Reservation information will be given priority to the procedure, but we will do our best to accommodate you on the day, so please call us first. Aiming to be a beauty salon loved by customers in Karasuma, we strive to create a comfortable space.

An esthetic salon that has a store in Karasuma, which is loved by customers, is looking for staff

We run a salon that is highly evaluated by our customers, such as being certified by TripAdvisor, the world's largest travel word-of-mouth site, and are looking for staff to work with. It is a very rewarding job to build a relationship of trust with our customers through careful counseling and heartfelt hospitality, and to watch them become beautiful in the nearest place.
If you receive the treatment, you will not go straight to your goal, and while many customers have various worries and conflicts before approaching their ideals, the staff's voice may make you feel lighter, or it may be small. Ingenuity born from awareness can lead to resolution of worries, and even staff who do not perform treatment directly have an important role. For those who are usually interested in beauty, it is an environment where you can enjoy your work very much.

An abundant treatment menu is available at a store in Karasuma where results-oriented beauty salons are available

We have more than 50 kinds of abundant menus according to your worries, so we will help you to approach your ideal beauty with facial, body, slimming, hair removal and all approaches. The VIVID shape course, which has been highly praised by our result-oriented customers, uses a combination of a hand massage and two types of machines to repel cellulite that has been stuck in the tick and prevent fat loss. After intensively loosening the body, it promotes blood circulation, and then care is given to each site in the most effective way.
In addition, cavitation that activates fat cells by emulsifying cellulite by vibrating it is said to be the only way to remove cellulite that can not be removed by human hands, and it is a very satisfactory treatment.

The representative who manages the beauty treatment salon that supports the beauty of customers in Karasuma sends

Known as a leader in eyebrow makeup, our representatives are constantly educating our staff to pursue beauty and provide our customers with the best technology and sincere service. The staff who have taken over the representative ism are working hard every day so that they can feel the maximum effect within a limited period of time.
Such representatives and staff are arranging antennas in various directions on a daily basis to catch various information such as beauty information that is popular overseas and information on new machines. From such latest information, we will carefully select what we want to convey to our customers and send out various information on an irregular basis. In addition to the customers who go to the salon, we also have useful beauty information, so please check it out.