Providing high technology at a store in Karasuma that runs a result-oriented beauty salon

The short-term intensive slimming course is a course where you can receive detox massage by a highly skilled esthetician in addition to treatment using equipment such as cavitation and EMS. By focusing on the results, we will approach the concerns of Karasuma customers in all ways.
At the time when you want to tighten your body line, such as before the arrival of light summer and before the event, we will use professional technology and the latest machines to bring you closer to your ideal body line with a short-term concentration.

We operate a beauty treatment salon that can perform arc light therapy in Karasuma, Kyoto

Among the light therapies that have received attention in the most advanced medical science, the one with the longest history and track record is carbon arc phototherapy, which is a compound phototherapy method using a phototherapy device approved by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. Electrodes are installed on special high-purity carbon for medical use to cause arc discharge, and the wavelength of light that is almost the same as sunlight is emitted. The effects obtained by this light treatment are adjustment of autonomic nerves and promotion of blood flow. By adjusting the body from the inside, it is possible to work on the condition of the body and maintain health. By maintaining good health and living a stable life, you can expect to improve skin problems, and as a result, you will be able to obtain a healthy body and trouble-free beautiful skin from the inside.
It is a valuable opportunity to experience the effect while there are few salons that are still incorporated as a treatment menu, so you can irradiate the part according to your worries and approach the body from the inside with an unprecedented approach. You can feel how to polish.

Set up an esthetic shop in Karasuma, Kyoto to get closer to your ideal body

Many customers are worried about losing weight because they have never succeeded in any diet. First of all, each diet has its own method, so the diet that is booming in the world does not always have the same effect on you. If you overdo it in a way that doesn't suit you, you may get fatter than before the diet due to rebound.
Therefore, we will start by investigating the cause of fatness by counseling and understanding the state of fat and cellulite. By accurately measuring and palpating, we will identify the characteristics of your constitution and how you gain weight, and propose the optimal treatment plan for you. We will set a reasonable period according to the goal, so there are individual differences in the pace and period of attendance, but the staff will responsibly help you to the end so that you can experience the effect yourself. I will.

You can clean your hair by running an esthetic shop in Karasuma, Kyoto.

Hair removal has become affordable in recent years, making it a very popular treatment menu mainly for women. Hair loss is often seen in Karasuma for the first time to go to beauty treatment salons, but there are cases in which there are doubts and anxieties because various types of hair removal methods are established and information can be obtained from the Internet. Because the pace and pain that you want to communicate are largely dependent on individual differences, the staff will explain the condition and cycle of the hair in detail after counseling.
In the case of the most major armpit hair removal, the treatment itself will be completed in about 5 to 10 minutes, so even if you look at the time to change clothes, it will take less than 30 minutes and it is very easy. However, since about 20 to 30% of the total hair is visible on the surface, it can be treated at the same time at one time, so it is generally necessary to continue the treatment for more than one year until satisfactory hair removal. Will be required.