Esthetics that perform treatments in a healing space are popular in Karasuma

The facial is treated in a relaxing space where the scent of aroma oil spreads, and offers the finest beauty treatment. We provide personalized care tailored to our customers' needs to help improve dry skin, acne, and swelling, and help to obtain beautiful skin.
Kyoto Karasuma, which has a store, is like a rushing skin temple that has been loved by customers for more than 40 years since its establishment, and many people, including entertainers and cultural figures, support high technology.

A beauty salon that designs the best looking beauty eyebrows is open in Karasuma

90% of the first impression of the face is decided by the design of the eyebrows. It is not important that the shape of the eyebrows is beautiful, but it is the most important point that the shape of the eyebrows that suits you is the most important point, so analyze the balance of facial muscles, skeleton, and the whole face to find the one that looks best. We will design "Brow". By changing the eyebrows, the impression of the eyes changes and the facial expressions also become brilliant and give a gorgeous impression, so making the eyebrows beautiful is significant for women. Beauty brow styling lasts for about a month, so it will be easier to make eyebrow makeup at home, and you will be able to use your morning time effectively.
For those who want to try various eyebrow designs, those who want to know the eyebrow design that suits them, those who want to style the eye color, hair color and eyebrow color, etc. Professionals will design three-dimensionally. In order to continue to feel the effect, we recommend that you visit the store every 2 to 4 weeks.

A beauty treatment salon that can remove hair without straining the skin is popular in Karasuma

We sometimes receive inquiries from our customers such as "Isn't hair removal a burden on the skin?" There is no adverse effect. The epilator has a pulse function that protects the skin, so it can reduce damage to the skin. Even if you accidentally remove your own hair and the skin becomes goose bumps, if you use an epilator equipped with a photofacial function to remove hair, the pores will gradually tighten and the texture of the skin will be smoothed. I can expect to come.
Before performing the treatment, the staff will provide counseling, and after thoroughly explaining the method of hair removal and the mechanism of the hair, the treatment will be completed. A trial course is also available, so you can check the effect with your own eyes by taking it together with counseling.

Facial course runs a popular beauty salon in Karasuma

The facial course, which is popular for the talented beauty salons in Kyoto Karasuma, can remove stains and dead skin cells on the surface of the skin and moisturize it even with a single treatment, so you can feel that the makeup is different the next day. .. However, in order to maintain beautiful skin, it is necessary to improve the skin quality. There are various theories about the skin regeneration cycle, but it is generally said that it is about 28 days, and if there is a disorder in this cycle, you must start by fixing it. Even if you improve your life rhythm and diet, you will not immediately realize the effect, and it will take time to improve your skin cells, so it is necessary to continue to receive treatment.
In some cases, it may take some time, but continuous correct approach can improve your skin problems. We will help you to get beautiful skin by the salon method with 40 years history and rich experience.