A facial course that addresses all kinds of skin worries and leads you to improve your worries by taking various approaches according to the customer's worries such as acne, red face, wrinkles and streak lines, swelling and pore care and beautiful skin. .. All the cosmetics used are hypoallergenic, but customers with weak skin may rarely have a tingling sensation or redness, so if you consult with us at the time of counseling, do a patch test in advance. It is possible to begin the procedure after checking the skin condition.
In addition to skin care, we will also teach you how to improve your diet and lifestyle in addition to blood circulation-promoting treatments and iontophoresis, so take your time slowly and condition your skin from the inside. I will aim for. The pace you visit varies depending on the type of skin, your goals, and the treatment you receive, but for standard moisturizing and beautiful skin, you come to our store every 7 to 10 days.