The staff will support you with outstanding teamwork

For 40 years in Kyoto Karasuma, the beauty salon that has been patronized by customers is what I keep in mind, I forget to thank not only the customers, but also the staff who are working, and everyone who is involved with me. Without contacting them.
It's a small thing, but when the teamwork of the staff is improved, the shop naturally becomes lively and bright atmosphere, and customers can feel that it is a comfortable space. Our aim is to create a salon where bright staff welcomes customers in a cozy salon.
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In recent years, the number of products that allow you to care for your skin at home has increased, and it is now an era when you can easily get it through the Internet. As for pore care, there are various kinds of products such as packs and facial cleanser containing enzyme, so the range of self-care is expanding. However, pore care at the salon can remove dirt that has clogged deeply and provide sufficient moisturizing care, so skin that has accumulated stubborn dirt with age We highly recommend that you rely on professional technology.
A hand massage performed by a highly skilled therapist will approach waste products and sagging, so you can expect to improve fine lines and swelling. If you have any other concerns about your skin, we can also provide a tailor-made treatment plan tailored to you. It will be easier for you to continue to feel the effect by going through the turnover cycle.