Corona infection spread prevention measures


Measures to prevent the spread of Kayco VIVID corona infection

We place the highest priority on the health of our customers, and those who fall under any of the following
We would appreciate it if you could change your reservation and let us know by phone.

・ Those who have fever or cough
・ Those who have been infected
・ There was close contact with a person suspected of being infected.
・ Those who are in poor physical condition
・ Those with higher normal heat


Thank you for your understanding.

[Efforts as a measure against corona in our shop]
・ Thorough disinfection and ventilation
・ 3 Reservation system that avoids denseness
・ Wearing the practitioner's mask and face guard
・ Thorough disinfection of treatment supplies and salons
・ Disinfection of slippers
・ Disinfection of doorknobs
・ Bactericidal and antibacterial by plasma cluster
・ Photocatalytic sterilization, antibacterial and deodorant with nanozone coat
・ Shortening some business hours

We will continue to pay attention to infectious disease prevention measures, hygiene management, and practitioner's health management so that our customers can visit with peace of mind.
We apologize for any inconvenience and inconvenience caused to our customers, and thank you for your understanding.